OЯACULE (forthcoming with Talonbooks, Fall 2021)

OЯACULE occurs at the intersection of poetry and theatre. Its characters inhabit a classical and cosmological world where psychic phenomena constantly threaten to impinge upon the arc of combat occurring between the women trapped within. Influenced by Friedrich Nietzsche's The Birth of Tragedy, the writings of Plato, the films of Pier Paolo Pasolini, and The Odyssey, OЯACULE approaches self and identity through a fractal, performative lens, subverting Socratic dialogue. Through lyric expressions of dream, theatrical dialogue, the engagements of chorus, anti-chorus, and song, readers may pause to enter OЯACULE before the inevitable exile: the result of such engagement is to be cast permanently from the world of reason.

PEЯFACT (Talonbooks, 2019)

“Part treatise on phenomenology, part theatrical score on ontology, part billet-doux to poetry itself” (Divya Victor), PEЯFACT is a three-part series of poems interrogating the nature of experience, language, trauma, and identity. This moving, philosophical debut, whose influences range from Antonin Artaud and Simone Weil to Gertrude Stein and George Oppen, meditates on materiality and consciousness, empathy and awareness, absence and mutuality – the physical presence of language.


Fargone (Poetry Will Be Made By All, 2014)

A short collection of occasional poems which, at some level, are all concerned with the pliability of perception and experience.

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