FLIGHT MODE IN THE CITY  by Nicole Raziya Fong (Spiral Editions, 2023)

"Sometimes the
hand can’t
hold the image
and the image
needs to fall

Flight Mode in the City engages language as image-making, seeking to pose a distorted mirror to both immediate experience and the imaginary. A subject views painting in the midst of disembodied theorizations on sincerity as perfume wafts through—Tom Ford’s Black Orchid and summer corn, blue roses--

Informed by the linguistic effects of Lacanian psychoanalysis on a subject, a tearing within compositional process mirrors the distortions of experience reflected within. Collapsing onto an inevitable vanishing point, the subject transforms into disappearance, into meringue, into three blue butterflies--

$12, plus $2 shipping in USA, $15 shipping CAN and elsewhere. 8.5” x 5.5”, 23 pages, stapled. Covers printed on French Paper Tile Green heavyweight card stock, copy printed on French heavyweight text paper. First edition of 125 copies. Designed by The Aliens.

Leguminosae Delusion Athletics by Andy Martrich and Nicole Raziya Fong (The Blasted Tree, 2022)

Leguminosae Delusion Athletics is a collaborative poetry and art project about representative absence. Dynamism is treated as a form of ritual delusion throughout the long poem, composed by Andy Martrich, lingering on the cusp of afflictions that can't be undone. The accompanying art, by Nicole Raziya Fong, draws from cues in the text, corresponding to different sections of the poem and mirroring the disassemblage of apparent forms and figures. The Blasted Tree has produced a limited edition of sixty 7” x 4.75” chapbooks, each dust-jacketed in a full colour, fold-out poster by Nicole Raziya Fong.

7 Series, Iterated by Colour (Hiding Press, 2021)

7 Series, Iterated by Color inhabits the poetics and subjectivity of color perception. Seven images are established and extrapolated upon in an attempt to “speak” color and bring about its phenomenological surfacing. As an amplification of theoretical works centered on color undertaken by Goethe, Schopenhauer and Albers, 7 Series, Iterated by Color inquires into the mechanisms by which subjectivity encounters its mirror image in colour and all it can or cannot empirically reveal about its subject.

Fargone (Poetry Will Be Made By All, 2014)

A short collection of occasional poems which, at some level, are all concerned with the pliability of perception and experience.

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